Information about Dominican Republic

Independence date: on February, 27th 1844 (from Haiti)

Official language: Spanish

Capital: Santo-Domingo

Largest cities: Santo-Domingo, Santiago

The form of government: Republic

Territory: 48 730 km²

Population: 9,183,984

Currency: Dominican peso (DOP)

Telephone code: +1-809, 1-829

Time zone: UTC - 4

Dominican Republic Real Estate


In Dominican Republic in July, 2007 lived 9 183 984 persons. On this indicator the country takes 87 place in the world. In a countryside lived 44 % the population, in  Santo-Domingo 56 % the population.


Country monetary unit is the Dominican peso (DOP). For July, 2008 1 DOP = $0,03. $1 = 34,25 DOP. In 2005 the gain of a gross national product has constituted 9,3 %, the quantity of the taken people has increased by 2,1 %, inflation has decreased from 28,7 % to 7,4 %. These tendencies have amplified in 2006: GNP gain has reached the maximum figure in Latin America &n dash; 10,7 %, and inflation has decreased to 5 %. The national policy and serious structural reforms will be and to accompany further fast entry of Dominican Republic in world market space.
The main trading partner of Dominican Republic are the USA (87 % of export). The country exports the goods produced in free export zones (clothes, footwear), and also nickel, sugar, coffee, cocoa and tobacco; imports a foodstuff, petroleum, raw materials for the industry, the goods of industrial appointment. The volume of direct American investments has constituted in $2004 1 billion Most part of investments has been directed to tourist sector, in free trading zones and in sphere of telecommunications


Climate marine tropical, passat with small seasonal fluctuations of temperature. It is easy to transfer a heat soft marine breezes and trade winds help. Monthly average temperature of air 25-27С. An average water temperature - 26С. Deposits of 1 000-2 000 mm a year. A season of rains as that is not present, but during the aestivo-autumnal period which there are frequent, but short and harmless downpours.


On January, 1st – New Year

On January, 21st – Holiday of Maiden Altagrasii (the sacred patroness of the country);

On February 27st – Independence Day

March-April (date floating) – The Holy Week (a day off &n dash; a Good Friday)

On May, 1st – Day of Work

Thursday in May-June (60 days after Easter, date floating) – Holiday of the Body Christ's

On August, 16th – Day of restoration of Independence

On September, 24th – Day of the Maiden a Mercedes (the sacred patroness of the country)

On December, 25th – Christmas