Construction, Investment in the Dominican Republic.


Project purpose - a substantiation of economic efficiency of investments.

Project concept assumes receptions of profit and a capital gain from realisation of the constructed building objects.

Dominican republic concerns the countries where economy lifting just begins where investors have the big rights and privileges and there are broad lands for investment activity. By the current moment there was a situation when purchase of the foreign real estate is real possibility to earn money resources in intermediate term prospect. Northern coast of island (areas of the resort cities of Sosua and Cabarete which are possessed in 15 minutes of driving from the international airport Puerto Plata) Is recommended as investments. Here not to do without the experts familiar with local specificity and capable a professional advice to help to earn money in the unfamiliar market and to protect itself from unessential losses.

Appeal of the market:

• all year long summer - an equal warm climate and tender ocean (air - 24-33, water of 24-29 degrees);
• the non-polluting zone, the most beautiful nature, the best beaches, a real estate access to purchase at coast;
• possibility of visa-free visiting of the country;
• possibility of reception of the status of the resident and citizenship;
• the inexpensive earth and the real estate in Caribbean, the minimum payback time of investments (annual increment value of 25 %);
• very low factor of inflation - 6 %;
• small accommodation costs (economy on clothes and phytogenesis products);
• friendly, cheerfulness and not aggressive the population, loyal laws in relation to foreigners;
• unlimited possibilities practically for any business, availability of offshore zones;
• island civilised (all blessings of a civilisation are), but thus still having is a lot of possibilities for business;
• the stable political situation and dynamical economic growth;
• the cradle of the western civilisation in America (the developed infrastructure is a lot of the Europeans);

To objects of building it is possible to carry to objective requests:

• durability and residential building service life;
• availability of all necessary conveniences;
• the sufficient area and a convenient lay-out;
• ecological and physical safety of residing in the given area.

Project includes following kinds of activity:

• tap of the earth and the tax of financial assets;
• surveys;
• designing;
• deliveries (logistics);
• object building;
• registration of the property rights.

Granting of the land lots is made for realisation of investment projects usually in two stages:

• preliminary approval of site (expansion, reconstruction), which is the basis for surveying and design work;
• land lot granting in the property on the basis of the approved project.

Building will be carried out "on a turn-key basis". Projects are developed by own designers and architects. The coordination of the building documentation and permissions is carried out by the company-builder and included in a project cost. Delivery of building materials, designs, items and half-finished products will be made to a work place also by the company-builder. Sale will be carried out upon termination of object building, as a unit of account 1 sq.m. For maintenance of a transparency of bargains between the organisation acts, the bank and the buyer will carry out only direct sales.

Basic data for standard project building are:

Building designs and items:

• bases - it agree the state building norms of Dominican Republic;
• walls outside - concrete blocks with a thickness of 200 mm;
• walls internal - concrete blocks with a thickness of 150 mm;
• overlappings - modular ferro-concrete flat panels in the thickness 250мм;
• partitions - concrete blocks with a thickness of 150 mm;
• ventilation - a national team plastic;
• bathrooms - completely equipped modern bathroom with a per capita cabin;
• ladders - concrete;
• roof - a tile;
• doors outside - a tree file «caoba» or «sedar»;
• doors internal - a tree file «caoba» or «sedar»;
• built in equipment - cases and mezzanines from a tree file «caoba» or «caoba»;
• floors - a ceramic tile or parcelan.

Engineering equipment:

• waterpipe - economic-drinking from external networks, a settlement pressure at the basis of a strut 5 bar;
• water drain - a septic tank, drain with an internal issuance of a draining system;
• central air - split-system with the portable block;
• water supply - a geyser, a boiler or from solar batteries;
• gas supply - from an external network to cookers;
• electrical supply - from an external network, pressure - 110/220 V.

Building equipment:

Equipment of kitchens and bathrooms - gas cookers, sinks, toilet bowls, baths, washstands.

Basic economic characteristics of the project:

• cost of the earth of 1 sq.m. from 25$;
• cost of 1 sq. metre of housing accommodation 700$;
• term of building from 3 months.


• septic tank;
• zone of a parking of the car;

For an extra charge:

• generating - 1500$;
• pool in 1 sq. m. with system of automatic clearing and a water filtration - 310$;
• landscape design - from 5$ for 1 sq.m.