How to buy?

"United Partners Group" provides a full range of services to customers, investors, and helps in the management of real estate assets (the organization of services and the commercial use of objects). In this section we will try to describe the process and procedures of purchasing property in the Dominican Republic.

Buying a ready object, secondary housing, building lots

Housing can be any person who has attained the age of majority and have a valid (valid) passport. Search and property selection is a firs step of purchase. At this stage we propose to make trip for acquaintance to the country and personal survey interesting object. By the time our travel partners prepare a similar object for viewing. In our office, you can also see the property listings, to get relevant information about the value and condition of the facility.

Once your choice is made between the seller and the buyer signed Pre-Sale contract. This is the primary instrument, fixing your desire to purchase an object. After signing the contract will open Trust Account in the bank (adressed to the byuer). At this point the buyer is obliged to transfer 10% -20% of the cost of the facility in accordance with the signed Pre-Sale Agreement. After that, our lawyers are beginning to prepare the documents for the transfer of ownership of the buyer. Preparation of documents (registration, preparation of documents for the land register, titles issue), took between 6 and 10 weeks. Once the documents are ready, the buyer will be notified by us. The next step is the signing of the purchase of the underlying contract of sale and pay the balance of the cost of the facility in favor of the seller. Buyers will be transferred to the original title deeds, documents confirming the status of the buyer as the owner of the newly acquired facility. If the owner serves a married person whose spouse becomes the equitable owner of housing. Thus, both spouses will be recorded as an owner with a 50% share of the facility.

Investment projects, purchase of housing on the stage of construction

Purchase of housing at the stage of building a profitable investment of funds. Surplus finished home at a stage of putting the facility in comparison with the initial cost of between 10-30%. The general procedure for the acquisition of housing in this case remains the same. The difference is the phased introduction of funds to the seller in accordance with the plan. Dates of construction of the apartments range from 18 to 24 months.

It is possible to build a house with «zero». In the section «Construction» presents potential projects sites. Each of the objects can be used as a basis and further developed at the request of our architects. We're finding possible plots in the chosen region of the Dominican Republic.